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Obsidian Jrock

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4th April 2006

onyxdragonflyy4:50pm: "Centerfold"
Going to post some fan art that I drew. It's a Zero & Karyu comic called "Centerfold." Enjoy. ^-^

Cuts to here...

13th March 2006

onyxdragonflyy2:17pm: New background! ^_^

More to come soon...

15th February 2006

onyxdragonflyy1:31pm: D'espair share
Haven't posted in a while, so I thought to post some D'espairRay hidden track stuff. Both come from their Born cd. It's track number 83 and don't let it fool you when you listen to it. The first 27 seconds on it are blank. The song is a guitar version w/ ppls singing in the background to the music of Yami ni furu kiseki. Here's the link---> Bonus Track

The second song I'm uploading is Marry of the Blood b/c one version I downloaded (before I bought the cd) didn't have this part. This version includes Hizumi talking at the end. After the song ends, you hear a gloomy piano playing, footsteps, a door shut, and then he starts talking somewhere at 5:58. Here's the link---> Marry of the Blood

Also going to post one of my favorite songs at the momment by them, Forbidden from their [Coll:set] album. Here's the link---> Forbidden

Also going to post my song play list of D'espa in case anyone is missing something from their collection. Let me know if you want any of them. =^_^=

*Monokuro ni Natta Saigo no Hi
(from)-ura Mania Theater Demo

(from) Razor

*kumo - misshitsu no chuu... IKARETAKIMI NO senritsu
(from) Kumo

(from) Genwaku

(from) Terrors

*'Tatoeba' Kimi ga... shinda... ra
(from) Sexual Beast

*Fuyuushita Risou
*Reddish -DIVA version
(from) -GEMINI-

*Oboro no tsuki
(from) Garnet

*Marry of the Blood
*Murder Freaks
*Yami ni furu kiseki
*Quarter Void
*Bonus Track
(from) Born

*In Vain
*Hai to ame
*Tsuki no kioku -fallen-
*Cain to Able
*Tainted World
*The World in a Cage
*Marry of the Blood Bloody Minded Remix
*Born White Stream Mix
(from) [Coll:set]

8th February 2006

onyxdragonflyy1:18pm: Jrock icons share!
Today I thought I'd share some desktop icons that I've made. You can use these images to replace those boring looking folders you see all the time. They are zipped though, so make sure your computer can unzip them. Folder includes icons fom: Dir en grey, D'espairsRay, Gackt, Hyde, Miyavi, and Nightmare.

If you don't know how to change your folder to the icon:
1)Download and unzip the file
2)Right-click on the folder you want to change
3)Go to Properties
4)Go to Customize
5)Go to Change Icon
6)Go to Browse and locate the icon you want
7)Hit ok, and that's it!

Tanoshii!! You can go here.

Note: If anyone has a particular pic that they want turned into an icon, ask and I'll see what I can do. Domo!

18th January 2006

onyxdragonflyy4:36pm: D'espairsRay Affilates
For all those that are fans and want to show their dedication!

Current Mood: but where are my thought?
onyxdragonflyy2:05am: D'espairsRay Quiz!
Between last night and tonight I have been plotting to create a D'eapairsRay quiz. They are really hard to find! Today I had to run around w/ some errands, but now that I'm back w/ my quiz created, I feel better. Feel free to try it and tanoshikatta desu!

This was my result.
You are mysterious yet alluring...
Who from D'espairsRay are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

BTW, From jhouserock, it looks like there may be special events. Yey! The email I received from them was "Hello, Currently we have not finalized any of the special events for Megacon. So right
now i'm not allowed to comment about them. I can tell you that we are
aiming for some special events and once we get the confirmation we will post in on our site.
Thanks for the e-mail and have a great day

So keep an eye on jhouserock.com in case there's any new info!
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